Shrouded in myth since the early days of rave, the half man, half machine known as Kryoman has been blowing minds inside the electronic music underground since nearly its inception. As ‘rave’ began to rise like a phoenix from the underground, so too did Kryoman. Year after year, the man and the machine continued to evolve in a nearly streamlined path with dance music. After all, this was what spawned him in the first place. Dark nights in warehouses with a then ‘secret society’, whose only purpose was to hear pumping rhythms that were unknown and unheard outside the walls of this temporary musical sanctuary. A rave was a magical place and Kryoman became synonymous with the experience. At the core if his being, Kryoman is the very essence of electronic. A total and complete cerebral and emotional takeover, culminating in a synergistic explosion of aural and visual madness. The robot, as he has come to be known, takes revelers to a whole new realm of reality. He is the energy and the link that ties the artist with the audience, because, when the robot engages, he is channeling both.

  • CARL COX – “KRYOMAN is an institution at my nights at Club Space in Ibiza – they would not be the same without him!”
  • CATHY & DAVID GUETTA – “Kryoman “The robot” is our resident performer at all of our events, it’s our favorite show, I love to see all the time, and it makes me feel like WOW!!!”

Kryoman dominates all factions of the dance music landscape performing nightly at festivals, clubs, and one offs across the globe. From his newly announced Vegas residencies, to his upfront appearances with the likes of Afrojack, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Hardwell just to name a few, Kryoman continues to aid the evolution of dance music by incorporating hyper-stimulating visual performance art into the mix.

In 2013, Kryoman unveiled his DJ show, complete with full on robot antics coupled with a thrilling live performance. Having been enmeshed in dance culture for so long, it seems this is the dance floor’s idea of reverse engineering. Well played universe, well played.